The Winslow Green Growth Fund

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Howto The Winslow Green Growth Fund seeks capital appreciation through investing in small and medium-sized companies.  The Fund invests in a wide range of industries, and does not exclusively focus on particular sectors such as alternative energy. Some of the Fund’s portfolio companies directly address environmental problems, and all are operating responsibly with respect to their environmental impact.

Their portfolio companies fall into one of two categories:

Green companies—these companies are solving or addressing an environmental problem; examples include companies in the organic food industry, or ‘clean technology’ companies focused on renewable sources of energy like solar or wind power.

Clean companies—these companies are not focused on an environmental need, but are responsibly managing their environmental impacts. The Fund invests in a variety of clean and innovative companies involved in healthcare, Internet technology and many other sectors.

Winbargraphm_1 The fund typically purchase companies in a market capitalization range of $50 million to $2 billion. This bottom-up stock selection process may result in sector concentration, particularly in the healthcare, technology, alternative energy and specialty consumer sectors. 

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