Your Green Business Plan that Reduces CO2 Could Win $680,000

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In order to get our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions down to a more reasonable level, setting policies and regulations that address CO2 and related gases is one tactic, and business, innovation, and enterprise is another. If we can work more CO2-reducing strategies, products, and services into our modern economy, we might just have a chance at reducing some of the worst effects of a changing climate over time.

Reduced GHG emissions won’t change anything drastically in the short term, but moving to a lower carbon economy could help to slow down climate change in the long run. And here’s a pretty nice incentive to try to put your green business idea that reduces CO2 to the test, and to take a chance to get that idea funded.

Develop a Green Business Plan that Reduces CO2 and Win $680,000 (via Ecopreneurist)

Calling all sustainable entrepreneurs, eco-entrepreneurs, green business startups, and innovative inventors! Here’s your chance to be in the running for $680,000 in funding to develop and bring to market your product or service that reduces greenhouse…

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