Free Market Economies Require an Accurate Price for CO2 Emissions

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It’s rather surprising that in a nation that prides itself on being based on a free market economy, there is not a national model for accurate pricing of CO2 emissions, which would roll some of the externalities of doing business, such as the release of greenhouse gases, into the cost of doing business. When taken at face value, the idea of requiring businesses to account for, and to be financially responsible for, the larger effects of their operations just makes sense, as Elias Hinckley states in this piece:

[repostus]America’s Market Based Economy Must Have a Price on Carbon Dioxide Emissions (via Clean Technica)

By Elias Hinckley, Partner at Sullivan & Worcester The 3rd National Climate Assessment (NCA) was recently released, painting a frightening picture of the spiraling costs of climate disruption to America and highlighting the need to price carbon dioxide…

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