The Real Definition Of Printer Efficiency

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Epson Printer planned obsolescence corporate social responsibilityThe need for efficiency is a constant in practically all aspects of our lives. We’re always looking to improve ourselves and to refine processes in business to save valuable time. We’re continually in a pursuit to maximize resources and reduce costs, to get more out of less. When shopping around for a printer, consumers usually consider printing capabilities, print quality, speed, reliability, and additional features.

When looking at the printers, consumers factor in the price of the unit, their intended use and the price of cartridges. Some would even compare how much ink a cartridge contains to make sure that they’re really getting their money’s worth. Simply looking at costs and the amount of ink each cartridge carries isn’t the best way to be efficient or even economical when it comes to modern printers. Instead, it’s recommended to look at page yield since different printer brands feature varying ink consumption rates.

Printers that boast of higher page yields are gaining popularity over ones that are outright cheap thanks to their efficient operation. HP Officejet Pro printers claim to help users save on every page and this is a promise that many consumers find hugely appealing when looking to purchase a printer. With such printers, users are able to cut down on costs and improve processes. But before we can explain how excellent inkjet printers function in an efficient manner, it’s important to understand the factors behind page yield.

Page yield is affected by the frequency with which you use your printer, the age of your printer and the quality of the cartridges you choose to stock your printer with. Genuine ink cartridges are cartridges that are manufactured exclusively for the printer. These are produced by the printer manufacturer for their printer and as such, work seamlessly with the printer that they were designed for.

With that said, modern printers are able to provide users with efficient operation for years to come thanks to their brilliant ink and system maintenance design. Your choice of printer shouldn’t come down to what’s the most affordable, it’s should be based on page yield, efficiency and what ultimately suits your printing needs most appropriately.

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