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point2 home searchA house is not just a house for many of us. Sure, our house is our home, as well as being an investment or income opportunity, but it can also be a way to put our values into practice, through the implementation of sustainable components, such as energy efficiency, alternative energy, an edible yard, or water conservation and graywater reuse.

Finding the right house, which is in the best location for our work and play, as well as being comfortable and efficient, might be helped by using an online real estate portal, such as that offered by Point2 Homes.

Using either the website or the iPhone app, those looking for a sustainable home can get a leg up (while also saving time and energy), by being able to start with searching around a location, and then filter the results by variables such as the number of bathrooms or bedrooms, the type of property, the desired square footage, or a range of prices.

With the map search function, searchers can define a locale to look within by using a custom area on the map, such as the circumference of a circle they choose, or a user-defined polygon, as well as being able to see the available homes in relation to area features and transportation options. With each property, searchers can see the data on the property and information on the sales of other nearby properties to be able to compare the prices and features.

So go ahead, search for your next sustainable home or investment property with Point2 Homes, all from the comfort of your couch.

[This article has been sponsored by Point2, providing real estate marketing and lead management software to brokers and agents. Point2’s solutions also include the real estate listings portal, Point2 Homes.]

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