“Park For Pink” is Personal for Keith Jones, Ace Parking

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For Keith Jones of Ace Parking, “PARK FOR PINK” is more than just a slogan. “‘PARK FOR PINK’ was actually inspired by my own family’s fight against cancer,” says third generation Owner and Managing Partner of Ace Parking, Keith B. Jones.

“Some people know us for our slogan Every Thank You Earned,” says Keith Jones. “And it’s true that we have a long history of being active community leaders and outstanding corporate citizens, as well as doing what it takes to help our customers and community. But in the first year of our marriage, my wife, Megan was diagnosed with High Grade B-Cell Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma that presented as a tumor in her breast. Only in her early thirties, Megan was now faced with the reality of having to start an aggressive chemotherapy regimen.”

Supporting Cancer Research With A “Company + Community” Initiative

Founded in 1950, Ace Parking Management, Inc. is one of the largest privately held parking companies in the country. According to their web site, with nearly 65 years of history, Ace Parking “continues to lead the industry with strict and attentive auditing procedures, superior levels of customer service, and consistently increasing clients’ parking revenue objectives.” Unveiling a “company + community” initiative to help support cancer research, Ace Parking is promoting PARK FOR PINK, a program designed to raise awareness, generate funds, and motivate the community to fight one of the great epidemics of our time: cancer.

Headquartered in San Diego, California, Ace Parking manages over 450 locations coast to coast, servicing nearly 250,000 customers per day. As part of this new annual program, Ace Parking is donating a generous portion of parking proceeds up to $20K to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for breast cancer research and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to cure blood cancers.

Keith Jones: “Our World was Rocked to the Core”

Keith Jones says Ace Parking’s public campaign began with his family’s private struggle. “Our world was rocked to the core. What would this mean? How did this happen? How do we fight it?” Thankfully, Megan Jones fought it successfully and three years after diagnosis and treatment, she is in remission.

Jones says, “Now, having three years to reflect on this transformational event, and having endured the trial together with my resilient and beautiful wife, we have tremendous compassion and empathy for those who continue to fight this battle. I am thrilled to have my family business Ace Parking be a platform for supporting those who are suffering from this disease, and assist those who will one day find a cure.”

Fighting Cancer With Ace Parking Proceeds

For the entire month of October, each time a customer parks with Ace Parking, a portion of their parking fee will be used towards fighting cancer. To this end, Ace Parking has temporarily changed all of its well-recognized parking lot signs to pink-colored PARK FOR PINK signage with a custom logo. Team members are wearing bright pink buttons, as well as pink wristbands celebrating Ace Parking’s pledge. Additionally, the official Ace Parking website has been redesigned to support the cause.


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