5 Things Even Pro Drivers Don’t Know About Summer Driving

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When you drive for a living – whether you’re making deliveries, or client meetings – money matters. But some common cash-saving ideas aren’t as hot as they seem. If driving’s your livelihood, here are some surprising facts to cut your costs this summer.

1. Country Roads Aren’t A Cost Shortcut

The rush and bustle of the motorway feels like it’s hard on tyres, doesn’t it? In fact, the opposite’s true. Cornering and braking on rural and mountain roads can mean an incredible five times more wear and tear. The scenic route may be relaxing, but for lower hassles in the cost column, stay on motorways and major roads as much as you can.

2. Two-Thirds Of Drivers Are Under Pressure

65% of motorists are driving around with the wrong pressure in their tyres… meaning faster wear-down and shorter life between changes. (Plus impact on safety) Even half a bar below optimal can reduce tyre lifetime by an amazing 8,000 km. For less pressure on your bank balance, use the right pressure in the tyres.

3. Cold Performance Doesn’t Improve In The Heat

You can deal with the heat. But winter tyres can’t. Yet many drivers leave their winter rubber on for their summer driving, believing it’ll be safer. The truth is, in summer conditions those winter tyres will take 6m longer to stop you from 100km/h than the equivalent summer tyre. So switch to the right tyres for safety all summer.

4. Getting There On Time Carries Costs

Ever been late for a meeting? Perhaps you stir the gears and stamp the pedals a little now and again. But a sporty driving style can have a huge impact on your bottom line… your tyres (not to mention the rest of your vehicle) may wear out up to SIX TIMES FASTER. And that’s a serious cost issue. Drive safe and profit.

5. Saving Costs Also Saves The Planet!

There’s one cost we’re all responsible for: the environment. Amazingly, focussing on the costs of driving can help. 4.4% of carbon dioxide we put into the atmosphere comes from tyres… so making them last longer makes a difference to the planet. Now that’s a great cost saving.

One company taking care of your tyres this summer is France’s Michelin. The famous company from Clermont-Ferrand has been gathering knowledge about how we drive for over 100 years. And it never stops. Thanks to methods and technology developed inhouse, its Road Usage Lab continues to uncover fresh insights about how we really use our cars today – including the surprises above. How? By watching thousands of drivers each year, in hundreds of varied driving conditions, all over Europe. All with one purpose: to make your driving experience the best it can be. Read more at http://www.michelin.co.uk/michelin-total-performance

[This post has been generously supported by Michelin.]

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  1. That’s actually quite concerning, the amount of people driving around with the wrong pressure tyres :/ I like these Michelin fact bites… they’ve just done a really good Winter driving one too.

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