Free Guide to Investing Available for Father’s Day

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guide-to-investing-bookRobert Kiyosaki, the author of the well-known personal finance book Rich Dad Poor Dad, is giving away free downloads of his Guide to Investing through June 15th, in honor of Father’s Day.

“Featuring real dialogue between Kiyosaki and his “rich dad” mentor from before the time Kiyosaki made his very first investment, Guide to Investing is a revealing look at impact that both attitude and creating a comprehensive investment plan – and sticking to it – can have on building your personal wealth.

Guide to Investing also provides valuable information about how to set up a successful business from leadership team to cash flow, from legal considerations to the product or service the business is selling.”

To get your free Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing ebook, head over to Rich Dad and sign up before June 15th.

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