Author: Leah Edwards

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Opening of SoCap09, Marshalling Resources for Innovation

The keynote address of the social capital markets conference called SoCap was given today by Sonal Shah from the White House Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation. For the past few years, more and more people have been focused on combining social benefit with entrepreneurism, and this is the year of three-way collaboration. Shah […]

September 1st

Does Cause Marketing Thwart Social Change?

One thing I didn’t cover last year when I wrote “How to do Cause Marketing Well” is whether cause marketing should even be done at all. But I found that a very interesting question to consider when reading “The Hidden Costs of Cause Marketing” in the Summer issue of the Stanford Social Innovation Review. Angela […]

July 31st

PV Solar “Energy” at Intersolar North America

No recession in evidence here.  Yesterday’s opening session of Intersolar North America was packed and full of energy. The solar trade show almost tripled its exhibition space and more than doubled the number of exhibitors from last year, when the first North America Intersolar show was also hosted in San Francisco. As far as I […]

July 15th

Report on Corporate Social Responsibility: KPMG’s Assessment

KPMG’s International Survey of Corporate Responsibility Reporting came out over a month ago, but at 118 pages, it has taken me a while to go through it. If you’d like to check it out, download the report from the KPMG site. But if you’d like a quick summary, here are some highlights that stood out […]

December 31st

Energy Efficiency is THE Business Opportunity for 2009

OK, that headline is a bold statement, but that was certainly my take-away from an event last night organized by the California Cleantech Open business plan competition.  The event was called a “Green Building Symposium“, and while there were booths manned by winners in this year’s competition who won for building materials and renewable energy […]

December 10th

Energy Efficiency Policies and Products Create Jobs

In this uncertain economic time, it is great to hear some good (and not just on a relative scale, but really good) news. A just-released report authored by UC Berkeley professor David Roland-Holst, called “Energy Efficiency, Innovation, and Job Creation in California,” documents the job growth and economic development that resulted from thirty years of […]

October 20th

Using Core Values for Environmental Causes and Green Marketing

I love market research–not necessarily quick, potentially biased surveys put out by companies wanting to prove a particular point, but in-depth market research by experienced researchers using large samples. Sometimes you just learn the obvious, but most often something surprising and interesting comes out. People are interesting and will tell you surprising things if you […]

October 16th