Green Economy Will Rebound Faster From Financial Turmoil

The green economy shows signs of rebounding faster than others shaken by the global financial turmoil. There are several indicators pointing to the fact.

Government Guaranteed Revenues for Large Renewable Energy Players

Unlike other industries, renewable energy has government-guaranteed revenues. However it is likely that as the credit crunch plays out, the re-bounders will be big utilities who are not reliant on banks for short term loans rather than start-ups who do.

“Even if utilities do have to borrow, they can do so cheaply as government-regulated businesses with guaranteed rates of return which can pass on costs to consumers”, said analyst Pavel Mulchanov at Raymond James & Associates in Houston who hints that the larger wind and solar companies might be recession proof even though their stocks have been yo-yo-ing.

Tax Credits For Wind and Solar Energy Industries

The highly contentious $700 billion bailout was finally signed into law on October 3rd after a series of revisions. Known officially as the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, it includes production and investment tax credits for the wind and solar energy industries. About 60,000 Americans are already employed by the solar energy industry, the extension of tax credits will further help to create thousands of jobs while providing clean, affordable, carbon-free energy to citizens. Clearly a win-win situation.

4.2 Million Green Jobs by 2038

According to a study released last week for the U.S. Conference of Mayors, the U.S. economy now has about 750,000 green jobs that include renewable energy or green engineering, legal or research support. As the economy recovers and focuses on developing energy efficiency and alternative fuels, it can generate 4.2 million new “green” jobs in the next 30 years.

Non Green Companies Weigh In: Google Unveils a Plan For Cleaner Energy

Google Inc. has decided to fund green technology and leverage its brand power to lobby for policy change. The world famous web search company plans to wean the United States off burning coal and oil for power by 2030, and cut oil use for cars by 40 percent. That will cost trillions of dollars, but Google believes it should ultimately save money.

What will the U.S. Economy look like in the foreseeable future? Are we entering a green revolution? Did we actually manage to achieve more than a $700 billion bailout for the environment over the long term?

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