Eco-friendly Builders Starting to Grow

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David Roeder, The Chicago Sun Times, highlights the growing number of developers and commercial projects "going green":

In Chicago office development, "going green" has a double meaning. It’s about environmental friendliness, yes, but especially the color of money.

Builders of offices have discovered that with a little thought and upfront expense, their structures can get an ecological seal of approval. They say that tenants with large appetites for space, the law and accounting firms whose leases usually launch such buildings, are starting to demand it.

John Buck Co. was among the first in Chicago to seize upon the trend. Its 51-story 111 S. Wacker building opened last June, and four months later crossed a green milestone.

It became the first new office building not designed for a single user to win what’s called a LEED gold rating. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It’s a recognition of the structure’s merit as judged by the U.S. Green Building Council, an industry group organized around promoting environmental awareness.

Go to the USGBC’s website to read the entire article and to explore the LEED certification process and builder benefits.

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