Home Depot and Petco Targeted for Terracycle’s Newest Recycling Efforts

Inspired green progress continues to be made by Terracycle – the company that first made fertilizer from worm poop and tote bags from food wrappers.  The next initiative by this innovative company is to place recycling bins outside Petco and Home Depot, OfficeMax, and BestBuy stores to collect items that were normally not even considered as recyclable materials.

Home Depot collection bins will take caulking tubes, paint brushes, saw blades, nursery pots and furnace filters – some of which will be turned into clocks and art, while flimsy plant pots will be turned into sturdier versions that customers actually want.  Petco bins will collect pet food bags and plastic shopping bags – both of which will be recycled into tote bags.

Terracycle plans to have collection bins in 10,000 locations by mid 2010.  Wouldn’t it be nice if other companies started popping up with uses for other things we usually just throw away?   What about a use for old fruit cakes after the holidays?  Or the ubiquitious dry cleaning tags – and coat hangers?