10,000 Youth Descend Upon D.C. Calling for Green Jobs and a Green Economy

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We are back to the days of civil disobedience.

Starting today, 10,000 students and young people will converge upon Washington D.C. to demand immediate action on green jobs and climate change. It’s like being back in the Vietnam War protests all over again.

The protest is timely given President Obama’s release of his new budget which allocates funds for various aspects of climate change with a view to creating green jobs in the bargain. Labeled the Power Shift ’09 (www.powershift09.org)  summit will last until Monday, March 2.

Last November 24 million young people turned out to elect Barack Obama to Presidency. Now, they want the new administration to help build a better future for youth by creating five million green jobs through clean energy investments.   Many of these students, activists and organizers are making change happen in their communities right now and are excited to share their stories with others from around the nation.

The good news is that both of these issues are high on the President’s agenda. He has set aside $120 billion of his $3.6 trillion for clean energy technology.

The summit will also include:

* Seminars, panels and workshops
* A green career fair
* Legislative briefings and activist trainings
* A day of action, where hundreds of youth will flood the halls of Congress to lobby their representatives

Speakers and performers will include prominent political figures such as Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House and Van Jones.

Power Shift ’09 is organized by the Energy Action Coalition, which has grown over the past four years to include 50 national organizations, over 700 local groups and hundreds of thousands of young people all working together to successfully fight for clean energy solutions, and the creation of new green economy.  For more information visit:  www.powershift09.org

Image Credit: www.powershift09.org


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