Aspen Institute Releases Mobilizing Change: 10 Nonprofit Policy Proposals to Strengthen US Communities

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A new report highlighting promising policy innovations for the nation’s social sector was released today by the Aspen Institute's Nonprofit Sector and Philanthropy Program.

The report, Mobilizing Change: 10 Nonprofit Policy Proposals To Strengthen U.S. Communities, puts together in one place the proposals of leading thinkers in the field who are working to address social problems and improve the lives of those in need through improved nonprofit-government policies. The report calls for a bipartisan commission that would study the relationship between nonprofits and government and make recommendations for increasing social sector capacity.
Examples of the proposals discussed in the report include:

  • A new tax designation for social benefit enterprises, groups that mix business practices with social missions;
  • A new nonprofit-government coordinating body that would improve FEMA's communication and coordination with nonprofits during times of crisis; and,
  • Creation of a Social Investment Fund Network, which would generate growth capital for nonprofits with pioneering approaches to solving difficult social problems.

The report summarizes each proposal and explains how it would work, who would be affected, and the action required to make it happen. For each proposal, there are links to reports and articles written by the authors of the proposals.

Mobilizing Change: 10 Nonprofit Policy Proposals To Strengthen U.S. Communities can be downloaded here.

The Nonprofit Sector and Philanthropy Program seeks to improve the operation of the nonprofit sector and philanthropy through research and dialogue focused on public policy, management, strategy and other issues.

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