Be Truly You… Fall In Love With Your Tap Water

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Yes, today is Blog Action Day 2010, and more than 5000 blogs from around the globe are discussing an important topic – water. So I was thinking how could we possible cover the issue of water without including the educational video The Story of Bottled Water created by the fine folks who blew-up the sustainability world with The Story of Stuff.

Check it out:

I challenge everyone reading this post to ditch their single-use, plastic-water-bottle habit and switch to a reusable option.

One of my personal favorites are the reusable glass water bottles offered by Be Truly You. Not only are the bottles environmentally-friendly, but they are inscribed with inspirational words and phrases. Made of glass, reusable, inspirational and made in the USA… it’s a win-win-win-win!

Image credit: Be Truly You

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