Business as UNusual

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Net Impact, a nonprofit organization with graduate business students and professional members dedicated to creating a better world through business has just released Business as UNusual: The 2006 Net Impact Student Guide to Graduate Business Programs. The guide, available for download at, is the first of its kind to focus specifically on student perspectives on social and environmental themes in MBA and other graduate programs’ curriculum, career services, and student activities. The Guide contains detailed profiles of 39 programs, as well as student ratings of their schools along 20 different categories.

Business as UNusual: The 2006 Net Impact Student Guide to Graduate Business Programs was created in response to numerous inquiries from students applying to business school on what is available for those with social and environmental interests. The Guide provides a student perspective on how well programs are preparing socially and environmentally responsible business leaders, compares data on different MBA programs, and helps to educate graduate school applicants on which program is right for them.

The information in The Guide was compiled from two sources: a qualitative survey completed by 39 Net Impact student chapter leaders, and an online survey completed by 1,191 student Net Impact members. Schools were rated on a variety of factors including curriculum, student activities, career services, and administrative support. The introduction, written by Net Impact, highlights school stand-outs and overall trends. The Guide was published for free online on August 28, 2006.

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