Colorado Company Building New Energy-Efficient Bus

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A small Colorado company is working on a way to fulfill President Bush’s alternative energy agenda by designing the next generation, hydrogen-powered bus.

The engineers at Mobile Energy Solutions are hoping to complete the model soon for a new bus powered by batteries which would be re-charged with hydrogen fuel cells.

"We believe in this project," said Phil Sweesy, vice-president of Mobile Energy Solutions. "We really want to see it come to fruition. We think it will help the country, and it’s important to us."

The engineers codenamed the project "Origin One" because the buses are designed from the ground up and are supposed to be more fuel-efficient, reliable and affordable.

One of the problems the engineers faced while building their prototype was heat from on-board batteries.

"We’re looking at putting a water-cooling loop into these systems that we developed for the U.S. Air Force on their hybrid vehicle program," said Robert Schmitz from Sabre Engineering.

Despite the fact that Mobile Energy Solutions is a small company they designed and built RTD’s Mall Shuttle, which became one of the most successful hybrid electric bus systems in the world.

"I told my wife last night that I’ve never been happier in my life than being a part, a small part, of changing an entire industry in the United States," said Dale Hill, CEO of Mobile Energy Solutions.

The assembly plan for the hydrogen buses is planned to possibly be on the Coors technology site in Golden. The first hydrogen powered bus is due to roll off the assembly line in spring of 2007.

Officials in New Haven, Conn., have already ordered two of the hydrogen-powered buses and negotiations are under way with seven other U.S. transit agencies and three foreign countries.

Via: (Mobile Energy Solutions)

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