Dave Roberts of Grist Will Live Chat with Expert Panel During Obama’s Oval Office Speech

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Join David Roberts and other environmental experts as they discuss President Obama’s Oval Office speech tonight.

Yes, the transcript of the live chat is available if you missed it during the president’s Oval Office address. Click on the link below.

If you’ve seen or read the news today, you know President Barack Obama will deliver his first televised Oval Office address of his presidency tonight. The administration says Obama will discuss the major oil spill in the Gulf, and what the government will do to hold BP accountable.

He is expected to make the case that disasters such as the oil spill can only be prevented if the U.S. moves away from fossil fuels and embraces lower-carbon alternatives like wind and solar. It’s also believed that the president will use this event to push for a climate change and energy bill.

It could possibly be a historic moment for environmentalists, and Grist will cover the address with a live chat.

How cool is this idea? David Roberts from Grist will be chatting with Kate Sheppard of Mother Jones, Sierra Club Executive Director Mike Brune, and Josh Freed, Director of the Clean Energy Program at Third Way during the president’s speech.

You will be able to hear the experts’ reaction and join the panelists as they discuss the president’s environmental message in real time. The Oval Office address begins at 8:00 p.m. EDT. Check it out:

Watch—and dish on—Obama’s big Oval Office speech LIVE with David Roberts and other experts

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