Engineers Race to Steal Nature’s Secrets

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In a recent article in The Guardian, John Vidal highlights a new generation of small green companies emerging with radical but proven ideas to revolutionize engineering.  The article discusses giant wind turbines based on a seed, and a desalination plant that mimics a beetle, identifying the following:

  • An aero-generator turbine, now being laboratory tested before sea trials next year, mimics sycamore seeds that spin like propellers in the slightest breeze. Its twin arms could each be as tall as the Eiffel tower, and the structure could be moored like an oil platform in 450 feet of water.
  • The Seawater Greenhouse, a new development that offers sustainable solution to the problem of providing water for agriculture in arid, coastal regions.
  • A sewage treatment processes that generate 20% more electricity than usual, and giant solar heaters that would concentrate sunlight on to solar cells, producing 30 times as much electricity as today’s cells.

Via (treehugger), Via (The Guardian)

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