How to make sustainability happen: Amp it up!

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What happens when your boss calls a meeting and looks around the room and says, “OK…sustainability is all the rage these days and it looks like the business benefit is clear. Who knows how we can do something proactive around healthy product design?   [awkward pause]   Energy efficiency?  [pause…even more awkward]  Come on guys…does anyone have any data, case studies, or how-to manuals that work in this sustainability stuff?”

Well, if you’re like most working professionals, those pregnant pauses are likely to be long and filled with an air of uncertainty. The truth is that, despite its buzz, sustainability is still a fledgling initiative at most companies, and expertise from the outside can be very hit and miss.

So what would help? What if a group of sustainability professionals posted exactly those resources…how-to’s, case studies, data logs, and other materials, and also had an active forum where you could read up on everything needed?

That’s the idea behind AMP (or Amplify Your Impact). Right now, the startup is raising capital on IndieGogo to get AMP up and running, and we think it’s a very worthwhile project.

Check out my interview with the company’s founder, on our sister site,

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