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This column highlights the top economic stories of the week.

While the Obamas and the Sarkozys have been celebrating the anniversary of D-Day in Normandy, this past weekend, Chrysler has its own D-Day to deal with. Indiana pension funds and consumer groups asked the U.S. Supreme Court on Sunday to stop the sale of bankrupt automaker Chrysler LLC to a group led by Italian carmaker Fiat,  while they challenge the deal. More on this story here…

Clean energy investment is down thanks to the economy but China appears to be unleashing a low carbon dragon, given its commitment to renewable energy development, it is grappling with massive international pressure to curb greenhouse gases.

Meanwhile, when it comes to trade, green search is on the rise, says Alibaba, China’s biggest online trading platform. Billionaire, George Soros, says that China’s economy will grow faster than people expect and so will its global economic influence.

The sustainability industry is maturing. Much as the “high tech” industry and the “.com” markets peaked with brilliant shiny, forward-thinking technology-based concepts in the 90’s,  the sustainable movement is showing signs that the love-fest of warmth and do-gooder intent is now shifting into the drudgery of the hard work phase. More on this story here.

The disappearance of honeybees does not bode well for the economic stability of commercial crops that rely on honey bees for pollination, and the $15 billion alone they add to the value of American crops each year. More on this story here.

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