Think Green

At The Inspired Economy it is our hope that as companies begin to see profit attached to sustainable business practices, innovation will follow.  This article in Entrepreneur discusses how entrepreneurs are turning environmental problems into opportunities.

What is Natural Capitalism?

Developed by Paul Hawken, founder of the popular gardening store Smith and Hawken, Hunter Lovins, and Rocky Mountain Institute CEO Amory B. Lovins, Natural Capitalism is our obvious inspiration and a new business model that synergizes four major elements for the new Industrial Revolution: 1.  Radically increase the productivity of resource use. Through fundamental changes …

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Eco-friendly Builders Starting to Grow

David Roeder, The Chicago Sun Times, highlights the growing number of developers and commercial projects "going green": In Chicago office development, "going green" has a double meaning. It’s about environmental friendliness, yes, but especially the color of money. Builders of offices have discovered that with a little thought and upfront expense, their structures can get …

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