Place Matters 06

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PLACEMATTERS06 is a creative planning collaborative for sustainable communities.  The program, which will unfold over 2 ½ days, is designed to stimulate creative collaboration and breakthrough approaches to some of the critical land use planning challenges facing the Rocky Mountain West and the nation as a whole.

The program – which is available in summary form here – is inspired by and organized around the belief that planning is part science and part art, that as much as we all believe in the power of planning as a structured, logical and deliberative process, we also recognize the power of the unstructured, unanticipated and alchemical – what we think of as civic innovation.  It’s the magical quality, the art of planning that can’t necessarily be tutored or predicted but emerges, spontaneously, from the particulars of the situation and the DNA of the people involved.

WHEN:  October 19-21, 2006

WHERE:  Adam’s Mark Hotel- Denver, Colorado

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