Stop & Shop Customers: Inspiring Example During the Season of Giving

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The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company along with its customers increased its annual Food for Friends campaign by 40% from 2009, donating over $2 million to more than 300 local food pantries and regional food banks throughout Stop & Shop’s operating areas this year according to the CSRwire press release.  Customer contributions accounted for 90% of the $2 million while Stop & Shop contributed $500 per store; a great example how customers can be a vehicle for change.In a year that saw increasing demand across our cities food banks, Stop & Shop customers stepped up with generosity to take care of their communities this holiday season.  Sixty percent of the $2 million raised will go directly to hundreds of local food pantries that Stop & Shop stores adopt in each community. Forty percent will be allocated to state food banks.  According to the CSRwire press release the following Stop & Shop stores and customers raised the most in their communities:

  1. $20,126 – Enfield CT (Store 2605)
  2. $18,951 – Narragansett RI (Store 718)
  3. $14,730 – Madison CT (Store 624)
  4. $14,464 – Hingham MA (Store 35)
  5. $14,143 – Natick MA (Store 6)
  6. $13,957 – Franklin MA (Store 472)
  7. $13,455 – Colchester CT (Store 608)
  8. $13,321 – E. Providence RI (Store 2701)
  9. $13,252 – Worcester MA (Store 85)
  10. $13,153 – Kingstown RI (Store 737)
  11. $12,766 – Hudson MA (Store 489)
  12. $12,619 – Madison NJ (Store 2805)
  13. $12,530 – Old Saybrook CT (Store 688)
  14. $11,928 – Gardner MA (Store 434)
  15. $11,682 – Simsbury CT (Store 607)
  16. $11,601 – Somerset NJ (Store 809)
  17. $11,290 – Southbury CT (Store 621)
  18. $11,120 – Montville CT (Store 678)
  19. $11,100 – Newington CT (Store 630)
  20. $10,761 – Sparta NJ (Store 879)

It’s not too late to follow the lead from Stop & Shop customers, you can find and donate to a local food bank by visiting Feeding America’s Food Bank Locator. Feeding America, the nation’s leading domestic hunger-relief charity.  It helps provide low – income individuals and families with the fuel to survive by supplying food to more than 37 million Americans each year, including 14 million children and 3 million seniors.  No extra money this holiday season?  No problem!  You can also advocate or volunteer for the food bank this year.

Congratulations once again to Stop & Shop and its customers’ fundraising success and here’s hoping they can inspire giving on the part of others.

Image credit:  saxarocks via flickr under CC license.

1 thought on “Stop & Shop Customers: Inspiring Example During the Season of Giving”

  1. It is commendable that Stop and Shop customers are helping out, and that Stop and Shop is a vehicle for this help. But, call me a cynic, it seems a corporation is gettign a lot of credit for something that other individuals are doing. I used to work for a company that donated 100k to Katrina victims, commendable, but when you see this particular company grossed billions in sales and paid middle management 100k plus per year…
    Just saying.

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