Sunil Paul Cheerleads CleanWeb Hackathon, live from San Francisco

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cleanweb hackathonThe first “Cleanweb  Hackathon” is underway today at the Parisoma coworking space in San Francisco.

Sunil Paul, a well-known cleantech investor through his Spring Ventures, has been one of the driving forces behind this great event.

It remains to be seen what will come out of today’s (and tonight’s) hacking, but we’re sure to see some inspiring innovation at the demo and judging session tomorrow.

For those of you confused by the “cleanweb hackathon” terminology, definitions from Paul’s post:

Cleanweb is the idea that information technology can be the most leveraged way to address resource constraints of climate, energy, water, food, and land use.  We already see examples in companies like Airbnb, which substitutes people’s homes for hotels and Sungevity, which reduces solar electricity costs through smart application of information technology.

A Hackathon is a gathering of developers and others to develop functioning apps within a short time – in this case a little over 24 hours.  This is the first ever hackathon to focus on cleanweb apps.

Source: #Cleanweb #Hackathon is a hit! – sunilpaul’s posterous

Note: Important Media is a media sponsor of the hackathon; see our earlier preview coverage here, and look for more posts on Cleantechnica and Ecopreneurist with the tag over the next couple days!

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