Switching to Green: A Renewable Energy Guide For Office and Retail Companies

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Pubcover_switchingtogreen Switching to Green: A Renewable Energy Guide for Office and Retail companies is a practical resource for companies that want to "green" their energy supply but don’t know how.  More than 70 percent of electricity in the United States is generated using fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas.  The environmental impacts from this generation are considerable, ranging from air and carbon pollution to the myriad consequences of mining and drilling for fuel. Obtaining energy from clean, renewable resources-"green power"-can provide both environmental and economic value, and a growing number of American companies are making the switch.

Although many types of green power are not difficult to procure, the overwhelming amount of information available can make this confusing to do, especially for newcomers.  Accordingly, Switching to Green was designed to cut through the clutter and provide the essential information for companies wanting to "green" their energy supply. It is intended specifically for office- and retail-based companies and organizations.  Examples include financial institutions; real estate, retail, law, and publishing firms; universities; and nonprofit organizations. The readers of this guide do not need an energy background to understand the information provided.

Source: (World Resources Institute)

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