The Beddington Zero Energy Development

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Bedzedhmpg_lrg_imageThe Beddington Zero Energy Development, or BedZED, is the UK’s largest eco-village.

The multi-award winning development is one of the most coherent examples of sustainable living in the world.

Initiated by BioRegional, BedZED was developed by the Peabody Trust development in partnership with BioRegional Development Group and designed by Bill Dunster Architects.

Located in Wallington, South London, BedZED comprises 100 homes, community facilities and workspace for 100 people. Residents have been living at BedZED since March 2002.

Some notable facts about the project include:

  • 15% of the construction materials used at BedZED were reclaimed or recycled.
  • 52% of the construction materials used at BedZED were sourced from within a 35 mile radius of the construction site. 
  • Careful selection of construction materials reduced the total environmental impact of the BedZED development by approximatley 25%.
  • Using colorful wind cowls, solar panels, and green roofs, BedZED’s electricity consumption is 58% lower than the London average.

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