The Green Business Blog Carnival #3

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The Green Business Blog Carnival is your weekly wrap-up of everything green and sustainable in business and in life.

Welcome to the third stop of your fantastic journey in sustainable business! Hopefully, you had a chance to read the informative posts featured last week at sustainablog. And next Friday, you’ll leap across the pond to visit David Coethica’s Blog. It will be a great way to start the month of July.

So what’s new this week? I’m glad you asked…

Unfortunately, the tragedy in the Gulf will be with us for long time. David Wheat at HaraBara wonders if the oil spill was necessary and if it could have been avoided. He asks us the provocative question – “What if we cut oil consumption by 1%?” Would that have made a difference?

Are potential home buyers interested in green properties and green home features? Jim Simcoe, the Green Real Estate Contributor for BiggerPockets takes us through the results of a recent study exploring that very question. The answers may surprise you.

Going Green’s Aaron Dinsdale argues that going green and greed are incompatible. In the wake of the BP oil leak possibly caused by the company’s cost-cutting measures, it may be difficult to disagree.

Our own Heidi Tolliver-Nigro at The Inspired Economist challenges businesses to live up to their own green marketing message by using environmentally-friendly marketing materials. Oh, the irony!

At SUNfiltered, Jeff McIntire-Strasburg introduces us to siblings who truly understand the meaning of the “triple bottom line” – environment, community and profit. Read about their Michigan-based company, Cangles, which turns aluminum cans into jewelry as a means of supporting the local economy.

Ever wonder if your small business is too small for solar power? Dan Harding at CalFinder’s Solar Blog discusses how small businesses can benefit from solar power and the “new era of small business-building”.

Finally, let’s head over to TriplePundit where Paul Hannam of Bright Green Leadership gives us his tips on how to create effective internet marketing strategies for green entrepreneurs.

Well, there you have it! This week’s green business news in a nutshell. If you would like one of your posts considered for a future edition of the Green Business Blog Carnival, send it via the submission form. And if hosting the carnival is more your style, check out the schedule, and choose the week you’d like to feature sustainable business news on your blog.

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