The Life Cycle of Electronic Products–Impacts and Responsibilities

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December 7, 2007
Friday, 8:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
UO Portland Center 102

This workshop will focus on environmental impacts of electronic products and explore the many ways that these impacts are being addressed around the world by governments, industry, and environmental advocates.

Course Description

Electronics is one of the hottest areas of environmental action as business strategies and environmental ideologies interact with each other over the need to develop a cohesive public policy. This workshop will bring together several of the disciplines addressed in other workshops—sustainability, zero waste, environmental purchasing, metrics, and others—to focus on electronic products.

This workshop will address strategies that are working, e.g. marketplace incentives for environmental design, as well as those that are not working, e.g. end-of-life management through the lens of stakeholder perspectives and processes. Topics to be addressed include:

  • Environmental impacts of electronic products—energy, resource utilization, toxics, end-of-life, etc.
  • Responsibilities for addressing impacts—government regulation, extended producer responsibility, product stewardship, etc.
  • Marketplace dynamics—environmental purchasing, eco-labels, and international trade barriers
  • Product design—guidelines and standards, DfE, DfR, etc.
  • Product regulation—US and European
  • End-of-life management—infrastructure, financing, institutions and policy debates

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