The Living City Campus

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Imagine a facility that initiates, inspires, supports and monitors change toward sustainable living, leading the way toward sustainable development and the use of sustainable technologies through practice, education and market transformation…

… A Link to cutting edge thinking, technologies & initiatives
Practical demonstrations on how to integrate green community building projects into our daily lives
… A Placeof local, national and worldwide significance
… A Destinationto visit, to learn, and enjoy time and again

The IE knows of such a place…

Nestled in an oasis of nature, The Living City Campus will inspire people from all over the world to live more sustainably. From renewable energy to green buildings to new technologies and sustainable transportation, visitors will experience the latest in green living, inspiring change in how we live, work and play today for a healthier tomorrow. The Living City Campus grows out of Toronto and Region Conservation’s vision for healthy urban environments and The Living City.

"The quality of life on Earth is being determined in rapidly expanding city regions. Our vision is for a new kind of community, The Living City, where human settlement can flourish forever as part of nature’s beauty and diversity."

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