The North Face #SeeForYourself Taxi Video

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the north face seeforyourself taxi in new york city by the north face

In conjunction with a $250,000 donation to the 21st Century Conservation Service Corp, The North Face launched a nationwide campaign last month inspiring people to explore the big, beautiful outdoors. Roaming the streets of New York City, The North Face “See For Yourself” taxi offered adventure to anyone brave and spontaneous enough to accept it on the spot.

Unsuspecting riders hailed the taxi, and they were asked if they were willing to drop any meetings or plans scheduled that day and allow their curiosity to wander. Those who were adventurous enough to say yes were whisked away to the experience of a lifetime.

The North Face #SeeForYourself Taxi Adventures

Inspired Economist covered this event as the new North Face campaign launched, it’s a great campaign and the CSR side of The North Face really shines with panache. For this reason, it was impossible to ignore the video of the lucky riders who agreed to the impromptu adventure now that it has just been released. So we are revisiting The North Face once again because this video is terrific — check it out!

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Last Stop on the Airstream Across America Tour

In partnership with Outside magazine, The North Face created a list of 50 places to explore across the United States. The #SeeForYourself campaign is encouraging people to take a photo of themselves while visiting those places, and use the hashtag to share them on social networks.

Promoting the #SeeForYourself campaign, a custom Airstream trailer outfitted by The North Face has been making a nationwide roadtrip. At each stop along the way, fans of The North Face have been picking up merchandise discounts, and winning some cool gear. To be honest I’d really like to win that Airstream and the truck pulling it!


This is the last weekend of The North Face Airstream Across America tour, so if you’re lucky enough to be anywhere near The North Face store in Georgetown, Washington, D.C., this is a great weekend to go there.

Inspired People Love the Outdoors

Getting people inspired to explore and play in the great outdoors is The North Face mission. Todd Spaletto, the company’s president, says, “If you can inspire people to love the outdoors, they will grow to care about their natural world, protecting and conserving the places that many of us know as our playgrounds.”

Don’t miss the great slideshow of photos that so many inspired people have uploaded at the bottom of The North Face #SeeForYourself page:


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