Low Carbon Yogurt?

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OHIOThe Village of Minster in Western Ohio just unlocked a major green power achievement through an agreement to buy power from Half Moon Venture’s newly commissioned 4.3-MW solar power system coupled with a 7 MW/3 MWh battery. Yes, battery!  (Minster is not only on the cutting edge of green power but is also the home of Dannon Yogurt)

The system, detailed here by its designer S&C Electric company is also intended to open three separate revenue streams on top of providing low carbon power:

  • Provide frequency regulation in the PJM Frequency RegD Market
  • Provide var support to combat an occasional low power factor on the system, saving $350,000 in var compensation equipment
  • Provide demand response for peak-load contribution charge reduction

WHY THIS MATTERS: Utilities generating electricity are massive consumers of fossil fuels.  In addition, many are resistant to solar and wind saying it cannot be counted on during peak needs or late at night.  Adding batteries to a solar array, finally,  adds round the clock power service and forces the question why would a utility still invest in a fossil fuel future?


This system is the first of many as solar power coupled with batteries is not only cheaper power, but a long term benefit from both maintenance reequirements and a release from volatile global fuel markets.  Time to go to the store for a case of Dannon!


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