Author name: Orion Kubow

Outlandish adventurer, traveler and entrepreneur, Orion Kubow, born in California, currently lives and works as an English teacher/journalist in Warsaw, Poland. A history major by training Orion has become increasingly interested in finding and pointing to ways in which eco-friendly policies and products can also be rewarding to the greater global economy, as well as one's own pocket book. Orion disapproves of cliquish and "shame on you" style environmentalists. He believes that the cause of the environment is everyone's, and is interested in dispelling the damaging belief that environmentalism is just for tofu eating hippies. Orion is also the founder of A website aiming to help guitarists improve the sound of their instruments through mechanical adjustment and modification. He hopes to expand the website over the coming months. Orion is also occasionally executive producer at his own video production company, Kubow Productions.

Germany Passes Tax Breaks for Low CO2 Emission Cars

Pay no attention to the latest financial news. It’s time to buy a new Mercedes! This is the message that Europe’s largest economy hopes will catch on among its citizens as Europe slides into recession. Two of Germany’s biggest manufacturers, Daimler AG and BMW are reportedly experiencing their worst slump in sales since 2005. This

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