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6 Easy Ways to be a green freelancer

As a freelancer, you have the power and doesn’t it feel great? While we all know that the Four Hour Work Week is a scam, freelancing is still a great lifestyle. You can control your own finances, you are in charge of what work you do, and you can decide when you work. It’s that […]

March 6th

Options for Serial Entrepreneurs

Business startups are one of the most important parts of the world economy. Accordingly, most entrepreneurs state their ultimate goals as owning their own business. But the reality is running a business is complex, risky, exhausting, and does not necessarily HAVE to be the immediate end-goal for every actionable idea you seek to monetize. There are other […]

February 26th

How Fair is Fair Trade?

This is a guest post by Louisa Leontiades. When I look at recent reports on Fairtrade and Cadbury, I see that both Fairtrade and Cadbury are doing well out of their alliance. In 2009, when Cadbury Dairy Milk  went fair trade and started boasting the green and blue swirls, it was hailed as a major turning point for […]

February 22nd

Economics of an energy efficient home

Behold the IKAROS house. Built in Germany by the University of Applied Sciences (Rosenheim), this house aims to be completely self-sustainable. The build uses a wealth of green technology like natural ventilation, solar panels and vacuum insulation panels, as well as efficient mechanical systems. “Yeah, yeah,” I hear all you inspired economists saying. “But what’s […]

February 21st

The UK’s Green Initiative

Despite the UK rising out of the recession, the ongoing austerity measures and lack of growth in the economy means that many households across the country are still feeling the pain. And with darker nights now arriving and winter in full swing, concerns are inevitably rising about how to pay for the increased heating and […]

January 30th

Old Age Pensioners (OAP) carry on working to pay off debts

New figures have revealed that a deluge of older workers are swamping the market, snapping up jobs such as cleaning, property development and taxi driving, in a bid to make their pensionable years a bit easier financially. The Office for National Statistics data shows that the number of workers who are older than state pension […]

January 29th

Environmental Economics At Work in the Home

Environmental Economics has been practiced ever since the dawn of mankind but it wasn’t always called that. The principle that being more efficient and less wasteful brings benefits to human beings and the environment alike, has been demonstrated since the times when the first hunter-gatherers would use every part of the plant or animals they […]

January 11th

Forward Planning to Save Money

If your household budget is stretched to the breaking point it can be tempting to forget about the future and simply focus on making the present as comfortable as possible. Regardless of your financial situation, it is a good idea to try and put a little bit aside, no matter how small. Here’s some ideas on […]

December 27th