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Social media is becoming a resource for green jobs

Are you looking for a green job?  Or a job in corporate social responsibility and sustainable business?  Well, all you need to do is tweet.  “Green” recruiters understand the best way to reach the new generation of “green” talent is via social media… Facebook, Linkedin, blogs, Flickr, YouTube and of course, Twitter.  So fire up your laptop and hop on Twitter.  Who knows?  You may find a career that aligns with your life’s passion.

Connect with the following green job recruiters:

@ECOrecruitersECOrecruiters is a small, women-owned company, based in Northern California.  They have been helping environmentally sustainable businesses secure talent since 1999.

@brightgreenBright Green Talent was born in 2007 and is based in San Francisco. They strive to place the best people in positions that enable them to maximize their contribution to society, their environment, and their personal well-being.

@SustainableJobs – Ellen Weinreb founded Sustainability Recruiting to fulfill the hiring needs of socially responsible businesses. She brings more than a decade of experience as a consultant with organizations ranging from large multinational corporations-such as Levi Strauss, Hewlett Packard, and Clorox-to start-ups and mid-sized enterprises-such as New Leaf Paper and Calvert Investments.

@GetRenEnergJobsGet Renewable Energy Jobs connects a growing community of renewable energy job seekers and employers. This is your one-stop resource for finding and filling renewable energy positions.  You can search for jobs by state.

@greeneconomy – The mission of Green Jobs Network is to connect people seeking jobs that focus on environmental and social responsibility with available opportunities and resources.  They also have a blog providing information on events and advice regarding green jobs.

@GRNBoulder – Global Recruiters of Boulder specializes in recruiting top talent in the Renewable Energy, Sustainable Architecture and Sustainable Product industries. They are dedicated to the success of these thriving and crucial industries and to their positive impact on society.

The above list is by no means complete so if you know of other green recruiters on Twitter, let me know.

Photo: on Flickr under a Creative Commons license.

Written by Cindy Hoots

With more than 10 years experience working for a major Fortune 500 company, Cindy specializes in socially and environmentally responsible business strategies. She has developed successful corporate communications and stakeholder engagement strategies on contentious sustainability issues and has worked with a number of NGOs and activist organizations on how to effectively partner with multinational companies. Cindy frequently writes about topics ranging from what is corporate social responsibility to sustainable supply chain and measuring a company's environmental impact. She believes business plays a vital role in the health of our communities and our planet.


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