Applications Sought for IFC Social Responsibility Agribusiness Consultants

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The Social Responsibility Program at the International Finance Corporation (IFC) has received Environmental and Social Development Business Line funding toward the cost of conducting an assessment on the viability of implementing the Better Work Program in African agribusiness. The Better Work Program is a unique partnership between the IFC and the International Labour Organization to improve labor standards and competitiveness in global supply chains. Please see click here for more information.

The IFC will hire two consultants to undertake the assessment. One will work primarily with the IFC and focus on identifying and assessing the market drivers for labor standards in various agricultural export products in selected African countries. The other will work primarily with the ILO and focus on identifying and analyzing employment relationships, labor institutions, and labor standards issues in the agribusiness supply chain. The IFC now invites individuals or firms to submit their CVs and a short proposal (2 pages) outlining their plans for carrying out the assignment.

The aim of the assessment is to advise the ILO – IFC Better Work Program on priority potential countries and commodities for Better Work projects in agribusiness industries in Africa. This will be carried out through the following items: 1. desk research; 2. fieldwork; 3. strategic workshop; and 4. final report. This assignment will last approximately 60-days. More details on the services are provided in the Terms of Reference (TOR)- which can viewed here: It is selection #500003305

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