A Global Look at Sustainability and Innovation

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Addressing climate change and a host of other global environmental problems will only be possible through innovation concludes Directions 10, the latest annual report from London-based communications agency Salterbaxter.

The 60-page report includes an interview with the head of GS Sustain, a column on the challenge of low-carbon growth from Lord Nicholas Stern, a piece on the ubiquity of palm oil, a greenwashing gallery and a look at life in a bio-society from yours truly. I also went on the record with the five sustainability issues that will occupy my time next year and nominated Marc Gunther for a leadership in sustainability award.

Dubbed the Innovation Edition, the tenth annual Directions report gathers opinions from sustainability leaders around the globe and compiles them into an interesting and compelling read. I particularly enjoyed Gerard Rijk’s description of the multi-committed company (MCC). The MCC is a business who creates opportunities from the eight interdependent crises the world is facing and he describes in depth.

The full report is available in PDF. I recommend reading the entire thing. After you’ve given it a read, let me know your thoughts in the comment section below or chat on Twitter: @nathanschock.

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