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  • Chevron Gets Ad-Jacked

    Yesterday, Chevron launched a new advertising campaign called We Agree. According to the company news release: The campaign highlights the common ground Chevron shares with people around the world on key energy issues.  It also describes the actions the company takes in producing energy responsibly and in supporting the communities where it operates. Not everyone […] More

  • Technology Podcasting Pioneer Ads Green Tech Show

    When I first started regularly listening to podcasts in 2005 and 2006, the two that everyone I listened to talked about were this WEEK in TECH by Leo Laporte and the Daily Source Code from Adam Curry. There may have been others, but in my world, these were the two by which all others were judged. TWiT, […] More

  • Can Deeds Succeed Where Words Failed? [video]

    Bill McKibben, the U.S. author and founder of the highly successful international climate campaign, is back with another event. This one is called 10/10/10 because it will take place on October 10 of 2010. It is described by McKibben as a “Global Work Party” where they are asking people to take personal and group […] More

  • Tweeting a Green Newspaper

    Wouldn’t it be cool if there were an online daily newspaper made up of the things that top environmental reporters thought were worth sharing? It’s not only possible, it’s here thanks to a new service called (which I first heard about on the excellent podcast For Immediate Release) which allows you to turn a […] More

  • Solar or oil: is that a legitimate question?

    Last week, a story titled Texas Oil Baron Is Promoting Solar Energy ran in the New York Times. Written by freelance environmental journalist Todd Woody, it was about a commercial featuring Larry Hagman, posing as the Texas oil tycoon J.R. Ewing that he played on the TV show Dallas. In the commercial, the former faux-oilman […] More

  • TEDxOilSpill and our Energy Future

    TED, remember the “E” stands for environment, is taking on the Gulf Oil Spill today with TEDxOilSpill, a self-organized event with a TED-like experience. From the event web site: TEDxOilSpill will tackle the tough questions raised by the recent and ongoing environmental catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico. Topics will include mitigation of the spill […] More

  • Inspiring speeches from Eco TEDsters

    I love TED. I love the inspiring speeches and I love that they put them out online for everyone to enjoy. Some day, I’d love to attend one of their events. Since the “E” in TED, stands for environment, there is no shortage of speeches on the topic and I’ve watched many of them over […] More

  • Major: Marketing; Minor: Saving the World

    A review of the textbook Sustainability Marketing: A Global Perspective – the idea that a business degree can help better the world. Ahhh. Remember that first day of college? Young. Naive. You think you can change the world. Then, your parents start bugging you about choosing a career and so you major in business and […] More

  • How Can Business Profitably Solve Environmental Problems?

    Mix together equal parts Fortune 500 senior executives, environmental activists, cleantech journalists, investors and other leading green thinkers, sprinkle them throughout panel discussions over three days in Southern California and what do you get? Brainstorm Green! The second annual conference from Fortune Magazine will be held next week and promises to be quite the green […] More