Accenture Joins McKinsey in the Battle Cry for Corporate CSR

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A recent United Nations Global Compact (UNGC)/Accenture study of 766 corporate CEOs has found that 93% of executives surveyed believe that sustainability will be a key factor in the future of their businesses.  So, I suppose CSR is the new Tiger Woods for the global management consulting behemoth?

The UNGC_Accenture_CEO_Study_2010 follows a March study conducted by McKinsey and Company that returned similar bullish sentiment on the role of sustainability in shaping long-term strategy. While McKinsey’s study (McKinsey Quartely 3.10) only reported about half of its sample size to be CSR believers, it provides greater detail on CSR’s role in such areas as new product innovation, reputation management and  overall business strategy.

So, I suppose the drum has been beaten by the blue chip PowerPoint wizards for an expansion in CSR consulting billings. More importantly and with less sarcasm, can these big firms deliver operational (e.g. revenue or margin expansion) CSR impact?

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