Accounting for food waste: Come join us for a live, interactive broadcast today!

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According to a recent study by the NRDC, we waste about 40% of the food we create. It’s a complex issue, and there are clearly no easy answers to widespread practices in the restaurant industry to dramatically cut food waste. In addition, we each waste a similar amount of our groceries (letting produce go bad, etc.). The financial aspect of food waste means that it should be something that everyone, businesses especially, would take very seriously, but it hasn’t really been the case. The main culprit is a cost benefit analysis, where cheap food costs less to waste than the expense of systems that require time and energy by employees to reduce the waste.

So what’s to be done? Come discuss the issue at Important Media’s next broadcast of Important Ideas is today at 4 PM EST through Google Plus’s Hangout On Air. Our sessions are led by Jeff McIntire-Strasburg of Sustainablog, and today’s session will cover food waste. Come join us, hear some good news and learn some strategies, and discuss good practices that you’ve seen.

Here’s the link for the hangout… and for Important Media’s Google Plus page, where future broadcasts from our network will appear.

and Jeff’s quick intro video:

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