Are Biofuel-Powered Jets Next?

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Continental PlaneEven though gas prices have declined recently, there’s still no magical environment-friendly solution to the ongoing oil crisis. However, some progress has been made recently — and it has nothing to do with hybrid cars.

On Wednesday, Jan. 7, Continental Airlines tested a new brand of bio-fuel that is the airline industry’s first step in combating the extremely high cost of jet fuel. According to the airline, the bio-fuel blend includes components derived from algae and jatropha plants. Even before the nascent technology test, the Houston-based airline had shown a commitment to the environment by making an effort to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions throughout its fleet. The Continental flight is one of three currently being conducted.

And, according to a New York Times article, “In theory, people in the industry say, replacing petroleum in airplanes could be easier than replacing it in cars.”

This is certainly a concept that could gain some wings, so to speak.

Image Credit: Martin Rottler at Flickr under a Creative Commons license

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