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Rob Yunich is a Web-savvy writer with 10 years of professional communications experience. Rob is a freelance writer, editor and blogger who is a proud graduate of Syracuse University. He's also a big fan of sports and reality TV as well as an avid chef. Learn more about Rob at, or read one of his blogs: Storming the Crease and Random Reality Thoughts.

Nuclear Power Debate Heats Up California

California’s nickname of the Golden State couldn’t be more apropos than with its leadership on energy. PBS recently devoted an entire episode of “Nova” to the subject of “The Big Energy Gamble” about California. “It is leading the United States, and quite frankly, even though the bulk of the United States is behind the developed

Obama Focuses on Wind, Solar Energy

President-elect Barack Obama spent part of his Jan. 8 speech at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va., discussing alternative energy, specifically doubling production over the next three years. At the same time, two companies took the opportunity to announce green-friendly initiatives of their own.

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