Certified Organic Turkey Market Up 4,000% Since 2000

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While agricultural experts and other environmental policymakers still debate the overall merits of organic produce and livestock versus their conventional counterparts, Americans are eating more organic turkeys. According to a USDA data set, certified organic acreage for turkey production was up over 4,000% between 2000-2008. Although this accounts for only 0.15% of overall turkey acreage production in the US (2008), considering the USDA reported zero acres of organic turkey production in 1997, this is staggering growth.

Source: USDA

Add the consideration that thousands of independent, organic farms have sprouted recently that may not have received USDA certification (a complicated, expensive and often protracted process), I would wager that the organic turkey market in the US is very close to a 1% share.

And you guessed it: That’s no small (organic) turkey.

Image Credit by soozums via Flickr under a CC license

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