Millington, Tennessee Converting Vehicles From Diesel to Biodiesel

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As the Memphis Business Journal reports, the City of Millington is getting into the biofuel business, converting its city vehicle fleet from regular diesel to biodiesel.

"Millington’s move will affect 65 city vehicles, including sanitation trucks, fire trucks and other large public works vehicles.

"We looked on that as a great opportunity, without having to do anything extra, to go biodiesel," says Valerie Chapman, Millington’s director of economic development and planning. "We feel even better about using biodiesel because it’s an opportunity to show a reduction in particulate discharge and we know that’s an area that is becoming a greater concern for the Memphis area."

The city is installing a 10,000-gallon diesel tank and a 12,000-gallon gas tank behind its public works building at 4701 Biloxi. The new tanks should be installed by December.

Chapman says Millington is excited about making the transition to biodiesel. "It’s not something that people see everyday, but it will be a measurable decrease in pollution," she says. "We’re going to look for more opportunities and encourage businesses in the community to look for those alternatives, too."

Click here for the full story from The Memphis Business Journal.

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