CSR Minute: Accion International Reports on Microfinance Summit in India; Italy Bans Water Bottles

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Accion International has released a report on microfinance trends in India. The white paper is a summary of discussions between global and local industry leaders and experts held at the recent investment conference, “Microfinance: Cracking the Capital Markets, South Asia 2010.” The report highlights seven key themes, and provides in-depth perspectives on opportunities and challenges facing the Indian microfinance industry. The number of microfinance clients in India has tripled since 2005, to 70 million clients today.

Hikers and tourists to the Italian national park that encloses the Cinque Terre region south of Genoa will be required to buy one-euro, reusable metal flasks for water, as plastic water bottles are now banned from the area. The flasks can be filled from newly-installed public water fountains which offer chilled, fizzy, and still water. Three million visitors a year visit the World Heritage coastline, discarding over two million plastic bottles onto beaches, mountainsides, and hiking trails.

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