Green Irene – Greening the Planet, One Home at a Time

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The green movement has fostered many new socially conscious startups , among them is New York based Green Irene.  Founded by husband-wife entrepreneurs PJ Stafford and Rosamaria Caballero Stafford, Green Irene’s mission is to green the planet by showing home and business owners simple changes they can make to help save the planet – and save money in the process. 

Green Irene features a nationwide network of trained Eco-consultants – contract employees who will come into your home or business and do a “Green Makeover“.  This reasonably priced service provides end customers with a comprehensive report detailing money and earth saving changes in areas that range from improving air quality to improving energy usage.   Each Eco-consultant has a website from which most recommended products, such as compact fluorescent bulbs with Energy Star ratings and non-toxic cleaners can be ordered safely and efficiently.

If your consultant recommends work that requires a licensed contractor, Green Irene also has established partnerships with many construction companies who use green methods who will give you a bid on your project.  Upgrading to dual paned windows or eliminating energy sapping heat leaks can be well worth the price of remodeling.



The company is constantly reviewing new green products to add to the Eco-consultant’s recommended list.  Each Eco-consultant receives a commission on the products purchased after the Makeover – so is trained and experienced in their use.

Green Irene as a sustainable business makes sense – greening the planet has to be a grass roots effort that takes place in every home and business.  Small changes such as using LED nightlights instead of leaving on an incandescent in the hallway at night, and using non-phosphate based cleaners will make a real impact on the earth if done en masse.  

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