Greening Print Marketing: PrintingForLess Goes 100% Wind Power

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One of my favorite printing companies does it again. (PFL), which calls itself “America’s environmentally-friendly print shop,” announced today that it now purchases 100% of its electricity from renewable power sources.

This means that every computer, printing press, folding machine, and light it uses is powered by a nearby wind farm. PFL is working with its local utility, Park Electric Cooperative, along with Basin Electric Power Cooperative’s Prairie Winds-Energy in Motion Green Tag Program, to make this green initiative possible.

“Though wind-powered electricity costs a little more, we believe that as more businesses purchase energy from renewable sources, green power will gain momentum and go mainstream, eventually providing our country with the best of all worlds: energy that is clean, cost-effective and made in America,” says Andrew Field, PFL President and CEO.

Why wind power? According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory:

  • Wind energy is economically competitive;
  • Wind energy is a valuable crop of the future for farmers and ranchers;
  • Unlike most other electricity generation sources, wind turbines don’t consume water;
  • Wind energy is an indigenous, homegrown energy source that contributes to national security;
  • Wind energy is inexhaustible and infinitely renewable;
  • Wind energy is clean energy that produces no emissions;
  • Because wind energy’s ‘fuel’ is free, it reduces the risk associated with volatile fossil fuel prices;
  • Wind energy has overwhelming public support.

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