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  • Survey: Global Warming Takes a Back Seat to Other Environmental Issues

    Is global warming taking a back seat to other environmental concerns? According to Nielsen’s 2011 Global Online Environment & Sustainability Survey, it is. According to the survey of more than 25,000 Internet respondents in 51 countries, concern about climate change/global warming among online consumers around the world has taken a back-seat to other environmental issues […] More

  • Global Protocol on Packaging Sustainability Released

    Want your packaging to be more environmentally friendly? Check out the Global Protocol on Packaging Sustainability released by the Consumer Goods Forum last week. The GPPS is part of the sustainability work stream at the Consumer Goods Forum. The aim of the Protocol is to help companies reduce the environmental impact of their packaging by […] More

  • Who’s Training the Phone Operators on CFLs?

    I received an interesting phone call yesterday. It was a phone bank calling on behalf of my power company, offering to send me a free pack of energy-efficient CFL bulbs. Of course, I’m always a fan of free stuff, but I took this opportunity to ask just how I was supposed to dispose of them. […] More

  • IBM Calls Suppliers to Account on Sustainability

    How do we move the larger corporate and business world toward sustainability? Sometimes all it takes is one big supplier to hold its suppliers accountable, and all of a sudden, there is a sea change. That’s the position that IBM has put its suppliers in. As announced at the Eco Forum, IBM has asked its […] More

  • Should Retailers Give Consumers a No Bag Option?

    Every time I go through a fast-food drive-through, I wince at the amount of paper and plastic that comes through the window. When I order a cheeseburger on the fly, I don’t need a paper bag, 25 napkins, and other whatnot. I just want the cheeseburger, then I can use one of the myriad spare […] More

  • “Super Green” Adults Now 5% of the Population

    According to new research, what we might call “super green” adults are now 5% of the U.S. population. Since they cluster in the high income bracket, we are likely to see that influence multiplied across the general population as these consumers are targeted by advertisers more and more. That’s a really good thing. New data […] More

  • Global Forum Tackles the Energy Grid

    GridWise will be holding a global forum held November 8-10 tackling issues related to the global energy grid. Held at the International Trade Center in Washington, D.C., the forum will tackle topics such as . . . how today’s utilities might evolve and how the value chain from generation to consumption might change lessons learned […] More

  • Greenwashers Beware: Two Sides Launches in the United States

    Two Sides, an environmental advocacy group known for holding greenwashing marketers’ feet to the fire in the United Kingdom, has launched in the United States. One of Two Sides’ successes in the U. K. has been its campaign to challenge what it calls “misleading messaging”  related to the supposed environmental benefits of electronic billing (as […] More

  • Google Lowers Data Center Eco-Footprint with Ocean Water Cooling

    It’s not often I hear positive environmental news from data centers and others involved in e-media, but this one caught my eye. Google has announced that it’s using sea water to cool its new data center in Hamina, Finland. It’s even produced a video that explains how it works.  The water flows in through granite […] More

  • Call Me Kramer: Stop the Mail!

    Those of us old enough to have been addicted to Seinfeld know exactly what I’m talking about. Lanky, crazy-haired Kramer took it upon himself one day to stop all of the mail going into his mailbox. Not some of it. All of it. It was just too annoying. Today I feel like Kramer. I love […] More

  • Are You Taking E-Waste Seriously? Part 2

    In my last post, I began a discussion about e-waste versus print that I want to continue here. The discussion is drawn from a detailed interaction on an industry discussion board on the topic. The question raised was how the waste from electronic products impacts the comparison of the lifecycle analysis of print versus electronic […] More

  • Taking E-Waste Seriously

    As a member of the business community, it’s interesting to see what business owners and executives are thinking about in terms of sustainability and where they are placing their priorities. That’s why a recent online discussion about e-waste caught my eye.  An industrial media company in Belgium had suddenly begun looking into the issue of […] More

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