Over-Eager Mailing Means “My Bad” on the Environment

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When we think about greening print marketing, we often think about recycled paper and sourcing from printers using wind power. But how many of us think about the mailing list?

I recent ran across an online discussion in a B2B group in which members were discussing how a list is 40% of a campaign’s success. One creative director chimed in with a stunning statement.

I think the list is even more than 40% these days, and as a creative director, that pains me to admit. I had a client with more than a million inactives. We built a model that determined only 30,000 were worth mailing. They mailed 300,000 instead. Results? The 30,000 got a 1.5% response, the remaining 270,000 got .001%.

That’s stunning from a cost perspective, but what about an environmental one? What is the environmental impact of 270,000 mailers that went straight into the garbage?

The moral of the story? Want to do something nice for the environment? Clean up your mailing list!

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