Thoughts on SunChips’ New, Quieter Compostable Bag

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In case you hadn’t heard, SunChips has unveiled its new, less noisy compostable bag. Those of us who wrote about the old one were given coupons for free bags for crunching. I will say, it’s much less noisy than the old one. Still louder than the usual chip bag, but no ear-blistering noise to report. It’s too bad . . . because I kind of liked the old one.

The new bag is available only in the original multi-grain version (why couldn’t it have been in Harvest Cheddar? why? why why?). According to Earth 911, the new bag registers 70 decibels compared to the 95 decibels of its predecessor.

I was curious about the public reaction. The outcry over the first bag was deafening in itself. What were people saying about this one? Surprisingly, I could find almost nothing.

In contrast to the onslaught of YouTube videos on the original compostable bag — people crunching and complaining ferociously into cameras — I found only one YouTube video on the new, quieter bag, and it had less than 8,000 views.

I searched Twitter, too, and found very little on the quieter version. Mostly postings from SunChips itself.

How about on the SunChips Facebook page? Anyone complimenting SunChips on its accomplishment? Nada. Zip. But they really like the new Jalepeno Jack! How about Google? Any industry reporting or blogging about the company’s effort? One came up at the top of the search — mine here on IE. Otherwise mostly it was just reporting from the company’s press release.

Does that mean the bag was a success? No news is good news, right?

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